How it all began

Behind the Seams Store news

You know those dreams that are you doing otherwise normal stuff with a side of weird? Like, you are doing errands, going to the store, dropping kids off, working out and all the while a giant banana is following you around telling knock-knock jokes. I adore those dreams. I am one of those people that embrace the bizarre. It makes life more interesting. I also enjoy a challenge.

The point of my weird anecdote, I announced I wanted to start a fashion brand that was trendy AND eco-friendly. I mean everything about it. Every piece was made from environmentally friendly materials, not just one or two pieces, the whole brand.  I was told, ‘that’s going to really difficult’ and I thought how hard can it be- ecofriendly is super in right now….then I started shopping for fabrics and without the BIG orders (im talking thousands of yards of fabric here people) I was stuck with a very skimpy collection of mostly plain fabric. While other small emerging designers get to browse amazing prints and lots of fun fabrics- I get ‘here are the 30 colors your three fabric options come in.’ 30 may seem like a lot but 25 of those are varying shade of neutral.   My options are to change my brands DNA or except the challenge.  Guess which option I chose….  If you’re not sure just mosey on over to our website and notice that ALL of the selections are made from environmentally friendly materials. You will also be happy to know that everything is made in a socially responsible way.

There you have it, a very roundabout way of sharing the beginning of ThE COalition for Fashion.

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