The Brand

Design philosophy

We design with creativity, passion, integrity, quality and innovation. Our designs are the juxtaposition of elegant and edgy. Our woman is chic, enviable and empowered. She lives by the rules…that she invented.

Environmentally friendly 

Here at thE COalition for fashion it’s not just about organic fabric. Although we use those too. We seek to expand our limits. Bamboo is a renewable grass, recycled polyester can have a carbon footprint 75% lower than virgin polyester, Tencel is a natural cellulose wood pulp that is fully biodegradable, upcycled fabrics keep goods out of the landfills. We also think beyond the fabric. Every design is exceptionally made and quantity is limited to keep from over production. We are committed to finding new and innovative solutions to improving our impact on the environment.

Socially responsibly

Everyone that works to create our fashions is paid a fair wage and has safe working conditions.

The Designer -Charlotte Wilkins 

When I was a little girl I wanted to be an elephant when I grew up. No joke, an elephant.  I was watching this show about an elephant that would trample around an art studio making the biggest mess. He would knock things over and stomp on paint tubes with his feet. When he was through his mess was called art. (and sold for a pretty penny) I loved the idea of just being able to happily throw stuff around and having that be my profession.  While I never became an elephant, I do make works of art out of fabric. 

I began designing clothes at a very early age. My hobby soon turned into a passion and I began taking every opportunity to learn to sketch, sew and create.  While still in college I started my fashion career with couture styles, including historical costumes, bridal and formal gowns.   After 15 years of learning and practicing couture and tailoring techniques I decided to take my skills and apply them to my own collection. In 2015 I started thE COalition for Fashion.